St. Giles Chapel

St. Giles Chapel at Deerfield Episcopal Retirement Community is a historic chapel beloved by its parishioners. When it was decided that renovations were needed to improve programatic and sightline¬†issues, MGA was hired to come up with a way to achieve this without dramatically altering the building. One of the main issues to be addressed was the lack of visual connection between the organist, who was hidden behind the large reredos screen, and the choir. MGA proposed to create this connection by extending the chancel enough to bring the organ out into the open, and to raise the reredos and relocate the choir beneath it. This fulfilled the parishioners’ goal of retaining the reredos while creating a more open, light-filled chancel space. Due to the complexity and sensitivity of this project, a physical scale model was a useful tool for¬†helping the parishioners to fully visualize the final solution.

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